Stretch Goals

The Stone Father stirs from its slumber. The other Dwarves around you become
nervous as the Stone Father opens it’s mouth to speak…”BEHOLD! This is what is to become of the Dwarves of Iron Peak!”

Here lies the Stretch Goals for Dwarves of Iron Peak. I will be explaining in detail what each Stretch Goal is and how it affects the game.

Stretch Goal #8

This Stretch Goal introduces Crud to the Lair or Bog. Crud is able to conceal himself during game-play. Crud also comes with a stat card explaining his abilities.

Stretch Goal #7

Custom Dice are on their way for Dwarves of Iron Peak! You will get to place your vote for which design you like the most. This vote will be available for Backers only.

Stretch Goal #6

Two cards are added to the base game! The Troll Card “Frenzy” allows the already quick Cave Spiders to travel longer distances and grapple a dwarf for a quick take down. The Dwarf Card “Dodge” allows one Dwarf the one time shot of avoiding a Troll attack.

Stretch Goal #5

MurkMaw LIVES! This goal lies deep under the murky waters of the Bog of MurkMaw. MurkMaw waits for foolish Dwarves to enter it’s Bog to grab them with it’s tentacles and drag them towards it’s mouth! MurkMaw does not use cards but it has abilities that it can use at any time.

The Bog of MurkMaw also comes with 3 New Quests!

Stretch Goal #4

Now 2-4 Players can partake in the adventure! With the addition of another spider you can have friends play alone.  Be care for the Cave Spiders are removed from play in one hit by the mighty Dwarves.

A Heavy Dwarven Crossbow can be used in replace of a Great Lance. The Crossbow comes with ‘bolt’ tokens for limited fire but great range to attack either the Troll or the Cave Spiders.

Stretch Goal #3


Stretch Goal #2


Stretch Goal #1

The first stretch goal finds us unlocking Hatchlings and Gwenda’s Loaf.

is a Troll Card that lets you respawn a dead spider after 3 Troll turns. 3 chits are placed on the card and on each troll turn a chit is removed. When the chits are all gone the troll can spawn a spider at any spider spawn and immediately move/attack.










Gwenda’s Loaf is a Dwarf Card that comes in handy when you find one of your dwarves has been poisoned by pesky spiders. When you use this card you can choose one dwarf and remove his poison tokens, then discard the Gwenda’s Loaf card. This is especially tricky when the Troll player has avoided killing a poisoned dwarf because he knows he will eventually die!

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