Dwarves of Iron Peak

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Long ago, King Dorum sent away the Relic of the Iron Peak Dwarves to aid their kin in a far off land. En route, the Relic and the treasure with it was stolen by a filthy Mountain Troll. The Relic was considered lost, until now… King Dorum’s son, Khorum, now rules the Iron Peak Dwarves and he has sent his bravest warriors and lancers to recover the Relic from the vile creature’s lair.

Dwarves of Iron Peak is a competitive 2 player board game that pits a band of Dwarves, bent on recovering the lost treasure of King Dorum, against an enormous and greedy Mountain Troll. The game plays anywhere from 20-40 minutes, where-in the Dwarves strive to recapture the Relic of the Iron Peak and the covetous Troll defends HIS treasure at any cost.





Prototype 3D Prints of the Dwarven Warrior and Lancer

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