Lancing MurkMaw!

The age old Dwarven question. To lance MurkMaw or to not lance MurkMaw? Each of MurkMaw’s tentacles can act independently and move around the board flailing their barbed bits around and dragging poor dwarves to the waiting maw, of MURKMAW!

Does it make sense to have it so each tentacle can be lanced down? Would you expect them to since the mechanism is already in the game? Got any ideas? Shout em’ out!

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  1. Yes! that would be awesome! However, how would it work with the cardboard tokens that will be coming with the Kickstarter edition of the game? It makes a lot of sense for the model version, slightly less sense for the cardboard, but you don’t want to add two different versions of the rules.

  2. Grog says:

    I am glad you like it! I actually have Lance tokens that go along with the cardboard murkmaw that you place on his tentacles to show that they are lanced down. Of course with the miniature version of MurkMaw you would not need these as you would have the actual lances to jab into his slimey flesh! 😉

  3. Grog says:

    An idea: Lancing his tentacles could (like you said godgorF) decrease the amount of Action Points that MurkMaw has per tentacle lanced. If you actually lance it in it’s big fat toothy maw, then it prevents it from devouring your dwarves whole. Ok, that’s ONE of its abilities! Dirty dwarves…prying secrets from me!

  4. Antoine says:

    Couldn’t we have a small hole in the cardboard Murkmaw to pin our lances ? Is it not feasible or too costly ?

    I think pinning is a basic talent of the lancer that we would expect with Murkmaw too. Even if pinning down anything in a bog is a rather impossible process… :p
    Perhaps if we get to pin the tentacles with itself 🙂

    I’ll go with whatever you throw at us, knowing that it as been thoroughly thought.
    Can’t wait to play !

  5. admin says:

    The hole in the cardboard would be fairly costly and also the toothpick lance really wouldn’t stay in the hole since it would be too shallow since the cardboard isn’t super thick.

    What I will do instead is provide “Lanced” tokens that you can place on the cardboard MurkMaw. MurkMaw will be all cardboard pieces in the base game but there will be an expansion with a few new quests and other surprises, along with the full miniature of MurkMaw to add to the game.

    Thank you for the comments and I am glad you are excited to play!

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