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    This thread will be on Production news for Dwarves of Iron Peak (DoIP).

    Currently DoIP production is being held up due to a financial issue with a divorce I have been going through since October.

    Ask me questions here and I will try to give you as much information as I can. Dwarves of Iron Peak has been a dream of mine for a long time so I plan to release it as soon as I am able. Trust me, I am trying to get things worked out ASAP.



    I will have some very good news this weekend on Production! Keep a lookout for an Update soon!

    • Grog


    Sound great!



    DoIP Production Schedule

    – All Artwork Received and Checked
    – Prototype Received

    – Prototype Reviewed/Adjustments/Approval
    – Start Mass Production

    – Mass Production Completed

    – DoIP Arrives in Port
    – Shipping Begins!

    • There is a Chinese holiday in there where all production comes to a halt. I believe its the month of January but I am confirming this. Other than that this schedule should be good to go unless pirates attack the cargo ship. 😉


    Is this the plan for both the pewter and plastic versions of the game?



    Pewter and Plastic Production:

    The pewter miniatures of course will be produced as well. The problem is that colored bases are meant to come with the game, even though they are not in the components list. Due to the fact that the Collectors Edition (Troll) has pewter pieces then the bases will be different than the plastic miniatures. Typically pewter miniatures have slotted parts that fit into slotted bases. I had always planned on doing the same with DoIP’s pewter miniatures.

    The problem comes when I receive plastic colored snaps that go onto the bottom of the bases to tell the Red dwarves from the Blue dwarves for 3-4 player games. The manufacturer will help me with the bases so I am not sure of their dimensions, so I am unsure of the bases for the pewter counterparts.

    This may be a mute point because most people getting the collectors edition with pewter pieces will most likely paint their pieces anyways. That will remove the need of any colored snaps on the bases because they can just paint something on the miniature in the color they need (red or blue) such as the capes for instance.

    The plan is to have the pewter miniatures manufactured along the same time. If you are getting the Troll Collections Edition please tell me what you think!



    I will definitely be painting mine, so I’m not too concerned with having different bases. Worst case scenario, you can dab a bit of paint on the bases to differentiate the teams. I personally don’t think coloured bases are worth it.





    Check out the latest picture from the Add-Ons being produced by Valiant Enterprises Ltd!

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