Dwarves of Iron Peak base game Plus

Hail Dwarves & Trolls!

Here is an actual image of the base game and the Protector Shield and Khorum Bust (3/19/17 8am EST). The base game will actually come with more than you see here (** minus the King Bust and Protector Shield), such as all of MurkMaws components and Quests and “The Bog of MurkMaw” on the flipside of the board, and most likely a bigger rulebook (possibly a Quest book too if it works out!)

Some things I have to do you ask? 

  • Finish and finalize all card art
  • Edit Dwarven 3D Miniature sculpts with 10% more Dwarven coolness
  • Edit & Detail Dwarf and Troll health/stat cards
  • Detail and finalize the game board. I plan to add a lot more detail and artwork to the game board.
  • Different wound tokens for dwarfs and troll
  • Add some dwarven skulls to feet possibly? Thoughts? Detail and Finalize Troll Feet and Hammer.

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