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Dwarves! Unite under one Clan Banner and we shall decide on the look of the Custom Dice for Dwarves of Iron Peak!

I’ve asked other artists to lend their skills to the design process as well for you to vote on! As the different submissions come in I will post them here.

We can also mix and match designs. The Vote is just a way to get an overall sense of where people are at and then we can have a detailed discussion in comments. Drop me a line if you are unable to register to make comments.

Dwarf Dice Designs!

Design 1 – Artist:  David Hay

Design 2 – Artist:  Greg Breault


Design 3 – Artist:  Greg Breault

Troll Dice Designs!

Design 1 – Artist:  David Hay

Design 2 – Artist:  Greg Breault


Design 3 – Artist:  Greg Breault

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  1. AG says:

    As said on the Kickstarter comment section, I think that to really benefit from the custom dices, it is better not to simply change the dots to a custom form (i.e six faces from 1 shield to 6 shields per ex.) but to play on the odds.

    If I read the rules correctly, the main attack/defence thing is around doing 4+(50%) for spider/lancer or 5+(30%) for troll/warrior, so we could have 3 faces blank, 2 faces with 1 symbol and 1 faces with another symbol.

    The choice of symbol is open, but my last though was that we could go with 3x blank, 2x “2 axes” and 1x “1 axe”. Saying that the troll hide/warrior chainmail nullify 1 axe, we will have the same odds as before.

    For lancer/spider 2 axes or 1 axe is > 0 so that gives 50% hit
    For troll/warrior, their defence nullify the 1 axe and reduce the 2 axes to 1 (still sufficient to hurt), so that gives 30% hit.

    Could be smooth and thematic 🙂
    What do YOU think of it, Greg ?

  2. admin says:

    Hi AG, thank you first of all for putting so much thought into the custom dice. I am going to try to work something out to test this out. We shall see! I appreciate the awesome feedback.

  3. Greg Smith says:

    Maybe an idea to do a separate poll for each race? I like troll 2 and dwarve 3, so choosing one set is difficult

  4. Cornelius T says:

    All three designs look great! Tough choice…

  5. admin says:

    Greg Smith – I’ve been thinking the same thing! RECOUNT! 🙂 I will rework things and maybe have a revote on both Dwarf and Troll designs. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.

  6. DanTheMan0905 says:

    Personally, I like design 1 for the dwarves and design 2 for the troll

  7. admin says:

    The Voting has been reworked so you can vote on Dwarf and Troll designs separately.

  8. AG says:

    For the Dwarves : I like the dots from Design 3, the runes from the design 1 and I would prefer an Axe better than an Ale for the six… :p

    Am I a bit annoying ?

  9. admin says:

    In the end, we will mix and match the best designs that make the most sense. I will tally the votes but all of your comments mean a lot to me as well so keep them coming. I am leaving this running and working on other things in the meantime!

    @AG – Sounds good to me. Not annoying at all. It’s good to have so many people interested in how DoIP turns out!

  10. AG says:

    Hi Greg,

    Don’t know if you received my email, so I would post it here too :

    It may be a bit late because you poll is already on, but it made me react and try to do “my own version” of DoIP custom dice :p

    You will find here (
    my proposal based on your art and some of David Hay.
    I shamelessly used your beautiful art (because I far from an artist) and I apologies for it.

    One small but important remark : if you still go by numbered dice the opposite face of a die must sum 7 (1+6/4+3/5+2) !
    It’s obviously not mandatory but customary and I could help notice that your patron did not reflect it. :p

    Last question : while the customized dice be a printable ones ?
    (In case of a no, and if you’re ok with it, I will be probable that a “fan-made custom printable die” appear on thingiverse :p)

    Thank you for making me think and create !

    Again, if you need some unprofessional but enthusiast translator (or proofreader once translated) for your rules in French, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,


  11. admin says:

    AG – I love it, and I appreciate you working on this. The dice most likely will be just designs that I send and molds are created etc, so they won’t be printable 3D files. I am unsure how these newer dice would play out in-game and it might make things a bit more complicated with attacking and defending, but it would need to be playtested. Once I get the Rules and Quest books worked out I will contact you about the French translation. Thank you!

  12. admin says:

    I think what will happen is a combo of all the dice. I will get some samples together to show soon.

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